Sunday, July 14, 2024

Natural Beauty

Snowfall in Daman Simbhanjang

Snowfall in Daman Simbhanjang

In the Daman Simbhanjyang area, which is the highest in Makwanpur, there was snowfall and rain on Thursday afternoon. Snowfall and rain have brought happiness to the farmers of the area.

Due to the snowfall in Daman Simbhanjyang area, the vehicles plying on the Tribhuvan Rajpath have a problem in moving to and fro in that area. Rain and snow fell for the first time in this year's winter in this area.

It hasn't rained for a long time Farmers who could not irrigate their winter crops including potatoes were happy after the rains in the lower reaches and snow in the upper reaches . Local journalist Suraj Bhujel said that it snowed in Simbhanjyang and Daman areas of Thaha municipality and rain fell in the lower areas.

'The farmers of Thaha municipality are happy after the rain,' farmer Ram Bahadur KC said, expressing his happiness, 'We were afraid that the winter crops of the farm would dry up without getting water, but it rained late, so it was good .' After the snowfall, the snow players have reached the tourist spot.

Photo: Bigyan Bista/Shambhu Adhikari